Youth focused YWAM (Youth With A Mission) ministry in Johannesburg South Africa
Some people choose to lead... Some people are forced to lead...
BUT Joseph was born to lead...

This page is dedicated to you.


those of you who have come to this page could generally be put into one of four groups: potential Joseph Project partner, intercessor, donor or outreach leader/organiser... if you're none of the three I apologise for my presumption when setting this page's layout as I did.

Potential Partners (staff) more...
Potential Donors
Outreach Leaders/Coordinators

Potential Joseph Project partner

Oh, in case you're wondering why we're not talking about "YWAM staff" - JP doesn't have any staff members! What we do have though are committed partners... YWAMers who believe they are called by God to be here and are convinced that what we are doing is high on God's agenda for this city, for this nation and for this continent. Staff don't have that level of commitment or buy-in but partners do.

The harvest is ripe and the workers are very few.
Johannesburg is a hard place! It doesn't have beautiful mountains, cool forests, sandy beaches or misty lakes AND it has one of the highest crime rates in the world. HOWEVER if you're up to the challenge then there are so many ministry opportunities here, esp. for those willing to pioneer. The following is not an exhaustive list by any means, it is simply a sample of what is available out there. If something catches your eye then please contact us for clarity.

Church based more...
JP based more...
Community based more...

Church based

Training/Schools: this involves running seminars, workshops and UofN schools in local churches

Jump Start: this involves pioneering of youth ministries in local churches combined with training and equipping the resident church youth ministry team to continue that work once the said ministries have been established.


Joseph Project based

Boys2Men: This would be a year long program aimed at boys in their mid-teens and would centre around Godly initiation and right of passage into manhood.

Teenage Mums: This program would provide a home-school environment for those teenage girls who have fallen pregnant and have consequently dropped out of school.

Training: This would cover a nearly endless list of training for community members, YWAMers and local churches

Drop-In centre: This is an old dream that’s yet to be realised – a centre were kids can drop in at nearly any time and there will be supervised activities or resources available for them.

Homework Club: This was our flag ship tho currently suspended due to lack of staff. This more than every other program meets a major felt need amongst kids and parents alike – education.

Teaching the Teachers: Involves an intensive one year program for high school graduates wanting to become teachers. If we can influence the education system thru the teachers we will impact the whole nation for for many generations to come.

IT/Admin.: an obvious weakness is our pioneering depth which desperately needs those chosen administrative souls to keep our feet on the ground.



Home Based care: Would cover primary health care , respite and basic nursing of kids or their care-givers who are suffering from HIV/AIDS

Micro Businesses: This would use the “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” principle in motivating and assisting kids to set up micro-enterprises.

Home Cells/Churches: This would be working in local churches to serve them and any number of ways but more especially be about planting youth orientated home cells, youth churches and being the connection between the unchurched in the community and the local churches.

Local Schools: This is a totally untapped resource. We have much favour in the local schools and they are open our help. We can place teachers, student teachers, sports coaches and life skills workers in both Primary and High  schools (South Africa doesn't’ have a Junior High phase) NB These would be volunteer posts.

You might have noticed at the top of the page in the intro. and sub-heading that I used the words 'Joseph Project partners'. At Joseph Project there are no YWAM staff because no-one gets paid to work with us. We are a group of highly committed missionaries who share a similar vision and partner with each other to see that vision realised.


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What separates mercy ministry from humanitarian aid is prayer. Prayer for guidance, prayer for the lost, prayer for provision and prayer for protection.
Please read thru our site and pray with us and for us. If you get words or anything from God for us please don't hesitate to let us know.

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Potential Donors

The following is a wish-list of things we need for Joseph Project. I know this isn't all we need but it is relatively conclusive. By God's grace we have no debt at this time and so there are no vehicles of buildings to pay off.

If you are contemplating supporting our work financially or materially, then I ask you to consider supporting the workers (a team member or local volunteer or DTS student) first before you consider supporting the work itself.
With that in mind here is a wish-list of things we would like to buy/install:

410 and 408 Commissioner St (our buildings.)

- Roof repairs. In several places the roof is leaking and most of the time the problem is structural. The underlying timber work is rotten and in need of repalcement.
- 400l solar water heaters (either 1X300l and 1X100l or 2X200l)
- 3 Shipping containers/boxes need sealing and converting into 5 rooms and an a toilet shower.
- Second floor construction over laundry and kitchen to provide additional accommodation.
- 22 HD foam mattresses.
- Several PSII's or similar game consuls with games.

Homework Club

- regular financial support to employ a qualified teacher to co-ordinate our homework club efforts.
- dictionaries both English and Afrikaans.
- Jigsaw puzzles - complete with boxes.
- stationery and art consumables.
- bulk T-shirts and/or shorts to serve as uniform (any colour)
- sponsoring a child's school fees. When some of the kids attending really shine we'd love to place them in a decent primary school but most often the parents can't afford the high school fees.


- Staff accommodation. Like all cities Johannesburg's rented accommodation costs are skyrocketing and so many of those wishing to join us, cannot afford to do so, because it's too expensive to find somewhere affordable and secure close-by to live. So we would like to buy or rent (long-term) a house that can house staff and volunteers.
- Training Centre. In anticipation of a significant increase in training we need a property that could house 40 students plus have adequate lecture and recreational space.
- To date Joseph Project has not owned a vehicle. All transporting has been done by privately owned vehicles. This works fine while there are YWAMers with sufficient means to afford a personal vehicle, but we might very soon move to a situation where the bulk of workers don't have personal vehicles to travel around it. We understand that a vehicle doesn't come as a once off and that for the life of that vehicle there will be running and insurance costs. However we could use a 8-10 seat people mover very effectively.

Should you wish to give money please let us know if it's a designated gift or for general use.

Bank Details:

Standard Bank of South Africa
Bedford Gardens Branch
Current Acc.: 02 258 1553
Br. Code: 01-83-05-93

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Outreach Opportunities

The only biblical example of outreach al la DTS that I can see is when Jesus sent out the 72. The fruit of that outreach included deliverance, healing and thus significantly impacted lives. What was Jesus' motive for sending the 72 out? To build their faith and grow them or to impact the communities they went to or both? What is your outreach about?

Due to the fact that we are a very small team we don't have much capacity for hospitality as a dedicated ministry. If we receive a team it impacts most our ministries as we take time out of our normal day to prepare accommodation and activities for the visiting teams. Furthermore I'm personally opposed to 'bitty' outreaches that never spend more than two weeks in any one place.

In 2008 we (JP) we were caught in the middle of the xenophobia attacks and got very involved with the children amongst the ±2000 refugees hiding in the local police station. So I speak from personal experience. We worked with them for three weeks and built really good relations with these kids... however when they got moved to another location we couldn't maintain our support and it really affected them badly - they were re-traumatised!

So my challenge is... please DON'T try to visit too many places in your outreach. Restrict it to a max of 3 locations... you cannot impact the people you are visiting and you cannot be impacted because you are not around long enough in any one place for the issues there to impact you (the tension God uses to teach and correct). How do you work through culture shock if you never move beyond the 'honeymoon' phase?... even the least spiritual person can suck-up and tough out an unpleasant place for a couple of weeks and still smile, but doing the same thing for two months without God's enabling grace is a totally different thing.

Having said that, we love having visitors, be it for a day or a month, but the longer you stay the more effort we will put in to planning and arranging your outreach.

We can accommodate up to 22 people at a time in 2 dormitories. We have a fully equipped kitchen, but no kitchen staff so you have to cater for yourselves.
At present we charge R50/night/person. NB This is more than the real cost of hosting you because we've no means of calculating the exact amount because there are too many variables.
Furthermore as we are almost exclusively ministry focused we depend on external subsidies to finance our activities and so a percentage of your accommodation goes towards enabling our ministry.

Outreach options with us.

1 Week, 2-3 Weeks, 4-8 Weeks, 9-12 Weeks

1 Week

2-3 Weeks

4-8 Weeks

9-12 Weeks

Johannesburg orientation and museum

Johannesburg and South Africa
orientation and 1 museum visit

Johannesburg and South Africa
orientation and 2 museum visits

Johannesburg and South Africa
orientation and 3 museum visits plus
prayer walk at Constitutional Court

YWAM South Africa orientation.

YWAM South Africa orientation. Visit
of 1 other YWAM ministry

YWAM South Africa orientation. Visit
of 3 other YWAM ministries

YWAM South Africa orientation. Visit
of 4 other YWAM ministries

Max 2 preaching/teaching opportunities

Max 6 preaching/teaching opportunities

Max 16 preaching/teaching

Max 24 preaching/teaching opportunities

Building repair/maintenance or upgrade

Building repair/maintenance or upgrade for Max. 5 days

Building repair/maintenance or upgrade for max 10 days

Building repair/maintenance or upgrade for max 15 days

'Jump Start' outreach for local church

Max 2 'Jump Start' outreaches for local churches

Max 4 'Jump Start' outreaches for local churches

Max 1 visit in local community home

Max 6 visits in local community home

Regular visits in local community home and offering practical social assistance if needed. Plus 1 'homeland' family visit.

Max 16 days serving other inner-city ministries

Max 24 days serving other inner-city ministries

Run life-skills course in local school

Run 6yrs-9yrs, 9yrs-12yrs, 13yrs-15yrs or 16yrs-18yrs after-school programme

Run 'mini-DTS' at local college

Establish and hand over community garden (esp for community development focus DTS)

Establish and hand over micro-enterprise (esp for micro enterprise focus DTS)

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