Youth focused YWAM (Youth With A Mission) ministry in Johannesburg South Africa
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The next few pages are for you to understand who we are, what we do, why we do it and then how you can share in that which we are doing.

We thought it would useful to introduce the broader YWAM family here in South Africa first before we introduce ourselves.

YWAM South Africa

YWAM  has bee in South Africa since the 70’s. It has changed in much since then including a period of stagnation and negative growth that fortunately ended in the mid 90’s. Since then YWAM has grown relatively fast with new bases and ministries birthing every year. Today there are 9 well established  training/ministry bases and another 6 stand alone ministries.

The training bases offer many of the schools available in UofN. The ministries include HIV/AIDS relief, orphan care, early and other childhood development  issues, human trafficking relief, poverty relief and various community development programs. There are also some ministries dedicated to evangelism and discipleship.

Due to its logistical and infrastructural advantage in the region, South Africa is also a preferred location for the regional or international offices of various international YWAM ministries. So we have the International DTS Centre here, Africom - the pan African communications network and Landa Cope of the Template Institute.

The larger YWAM bases in South Africa are concentrated  along the coast in the 3 centres of Western Cape, Jeffery's Bay and Durban. In the interior YWAM Bethlehem and YWAM Kruger Park are the only two bases of any size. It is one of YWAM South Africa’s objectives to spread across the whole nation having a significant presence in every city and major town.  The Northern Cape and Limpopo provinces have no YWAM presence at present and the Free State and Mpumulanga provinces have one base each. Gauteng, the most densely populated province has only 17 locally active YWAMers. There are other YWAMers present but they are either working in the SADC (Southern African Development Community) region, continent or internationally.

For more information about the specific bases go to YWAM southern Africa