focused YWAM (Youth With A Mission) ministry in Johannesburg South Africa
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DTS - Discipleship Training School

Our preparation for our 4th DTS is on track to run from Sept 2018. Our DTS has a focus on inner city children at risk. Our DTS's are diverse, small, intimate and intense due to a combination of our living environment, our daily engagement with children who are at risk, and our community and the guests we invite in to teach on the school. Follow this and other stories on our FaceBook page.

Students of Joseph Project's first DTS.

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Homework Club

From our birth until November 2008 Joseph Project's flagship ministry was a senior primary homework club. This ran from the Centre every school day and catered for 40-45 children. The purpose was to provide a place where the local children could come and do their homework in a nurturing and supervised environment. This work has been modified under advice from Mary Garner (a highly qualified teacher). The changes have seen a shift in focus from the older senior primary kids to the younger junior primary kids whilst continuing until Gr7. The thinking here is that by the time most of this community's kids reach senior primary level they have already been failing for 3 years and are already disillusioned with school. So we are now looking at the foundational years seeking to provide the kids with a solid foundation and sense of belief.

A bite to eat before homework time during homework club

Urban Art Project (details to follow soon)


We at Joseph Project used to do low-key youth leaders training, but without a commited champion it faded out. We would like to revive this and extend it with some enquiries that have come in.

Addressing a group at the Centre



With Johannesburg being the transport hub of Southern Africa and also home to many foreign embassies and consulates with many more just up the road in Pretoria, we are continually called upon to host teams or individuals in transit. Sometimes its for a single night and other times up to a couple of weeks.
We also host several outreach teams a year that are usually starting or rounding off an outreach in SA. With these teams bolstering our numbers we are able to run mini programmes or provide man-power to neighbouring NGO's

It ain't the Intercontinental but it's dry.



Joseph Project is regularly approached by the corporate sector to host corporate responsibility activities. Some of these we take advantage of personally, but others we refer to our local NGO network.

Another area of facilitation/hosting is for volunteers seeking some kind of social action opportunity. This extends to practicums as well. Here we have placed foreign student teachers seeking practical experience in local schools.



With every organisation comes administration and with every fixed asset comes maintenance. Much of the admin. rests on Dylan Atkinson's shoulders and building maintenance too. However he is no administrator - it sucks the life out of him.

Dylan hard at work on the accounts

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